A loss never bothers me after I take it. I forget it overnight. But being wrong and not taking the loss – that is what does the damage to the pocket book and to the soul.
Linda Bradford Raschke
Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.
Jim Rohn
“There are four basic principles of price behavior which have held up over time. The following four principles can be modeled and quantified and hold true for all time frames, all markets. The majority of patterns or systems that have a demonstrable edge are based on one of these four enduring principles of price behavior. Charles Dow was one of the first to touch on them in his writings. Principle One: A Trend Has a Higher Probability of Continuation than Reversal Principle Two: Momentum Precedes Price Principle Three: Trends End in a Climax Principle Four: The Market Alternates between Range Expansion and Range Contraction "
Linda Raschkene 
"Cyclical Analysis is the study of the flow of energy, and is thus the true discovery of turning points and not specific highs or lows... Trying to use pattern analysis does not reveal trends, only the cyclical analysis shows things with Time."
Martin Armstrong
"Identifying price constraints is the name of the game."
"You should neither set yourself a certain number of pips, or a percentage gain per day or week, but you should seek to maximise the amount of opportunity that the market presents to you within any given time period."

"Goals are particularly unhelpful when we get too attached to them and have to achieve them 'at all costs' "
Steve Ward