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– Membership section (free for our followers on Tradeo).
– E-course: Technical Analysis Step by Step.
– News Trading: Learn by example.
– Get started with trading: Step by step guide for beginners.
– Trading Psychology: How to stay in the long run.
– An introduction to Tradeo, the new social trading platform.
– Tradeo: Social Webtrader Step by Step.
– MetaTrader 4 Step by Step.
– cTrader Step by Step.
– Weekly Newsletter.
– Discussion Forum.
– Personal coaching.
– Remote support.
– Facebook page.
– Twitter account.

With live forex trading sessions and a growing online journal we first and foremost teach currency trading by example, but will also provide our followers with a technical analysis e-course, weekly newsletter, forum, “get started with trading” guide for beginners, personal coaching, guidance, tools, Q&A, remote support, trading psychology know-how and step by step platform guides for beginners (MetaTrader 4, Tradeo Social Webtrader, cTrader etc), all this in order to empower new traders with the greatest possible learning experience and more experienced traders with food for thought.

The primary goal with FXSCOPE.NET is to guide and inspire. Follow us on Tradeo, watch our live trading sessions and copy our trades.